Tips for Selling Vaping Products -

List your item/s (Item Title) as you would type it into a search engine if you was looking for that product. Other details can be placed in (Sub Title) if needed.

( This will help your product/s to be seen and listed by search engines and not just found by people using the site)

From  Members Area (must be logged in) go to Selling > Seller Tools > Global Setting

Once in this area you will see 7 checkboxes options and 1 text box option.

Accept Public Questions

(Entirely up to you, will allow registered site users to post questions to you about your item/s that are visible to the public)

Enable Force Payment

(Recommended, makes any unpaid for item/s to be returned back to stock/available after a set time

Products Quantity Display

( 2 options here: NUMBERS (quantity of items/s available when you listed your item/s will shown numerically)

Or TEXT (Recommended, for more than 1 item, will show available stock as In Stock/Low Stock/Out of Stock)

Low Stock Threshold

( Text box, if you have selected TEXT for the above option entering a number here will display a Low Stock warning on your listings to buyers)

Visitors Counter

( Entirely up to you, will display a Light Grey box on all your listing telling everyone how many times your item/s have been viewed)

Display "Listings Watched By" Box

(Entirely up to you, will show a Dark Grey Box on all your listing telling everyone how many watchers your item/s have, users and public)